Who should attend?

Our focus is on the community of Christian technologists who are striving to fulfill the Great Commission by using their skills in technology. We discuss questions like:

What have we accomplished this year?

What can we learn from each other to work more effectively in the year to come?

What do we need to know about advances in technology and mission computing opportunities?

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ICCM attendees are:

Missionary and mission-interested Christian technologists

Technology designers, implementers, managers, and support personnel. IT professionals in missions and those who wish to help them.

Vendors and supporters

High-tech businesses are supportive of mission-related opportunities and vendors serving mission organizations with computing products and services.

Educators and students

Department liaisons at colleges and universities, plus students who are becoming technologists.

Ministry management and investors

Mission directors/managers of computer personnel, mission researchers and information specialists, and high-tech “kingdom business” entrepreneurs and investors.